TCGAMING explain what a white label gambling platform is

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What is a white label gambling platform? With the rapid development of the Internet, white-label gambling platforms have become more and more powerful. Online gambling companies that are struggling to follow have also taken the fast path of the mobile Internet era. White-label gambling platforms are the first step to open an online gambling platform. White label means a gambling website that has been grafted with various casino games, not only sports/Live casino/lottery/live casino/Slot machines and other games; with this white-label gambling platform, you are the first step in operating a gambling website. It can be simply understood as being like a rental convenience store. When a "operator" needs to open a convenience store, he can contact the convenience store company. He can rent the entire store to you and provide everything you need for business. But on the one hand, it is necessary to pay rental fees to obtain profits from the goods sold in convenience stores. The white label gambling platform mainly provides all services related to gambling operations such as website construction, system maintenance, planning activities, payment systems, website domain names, website servers, system vulnerability protection, and independent front-end and back-end systems. The price to be paid is a one-time board opening fee, monthly maintenance fee, and the most important platform profit sharing. In Southeast Asia, along with the prosperity of the online gaming industry, a number of technology-based service companies have also emerged. Under the lure of pure profits, in the past, offline promotion gambling halls slowly diverted business processes to the Internet.———White label gambling platform. Most of the online gambling in Southeast Asia and the Chinese market comes from white-label gambling platform companies. Without the white label gambling platform, the total number of online gambling companies in the Chinese market would be greatly reduced. This shows that the white-label gambling platform has a profound impact on online gambling companies and the field of online gambling (online fraud).

2. Many people say that the white-label gambling platform looks easy to earn, so what can the white-label gambling platform help us? What exactly do they cover? Where exactly is our money spent? This is undoubtedly what everyone wants to know the most.

  1. Server: The site needs a server. The white-label gambling platform server hardware is what you pay for. First of all, the server with excellent performance can feel the difference, and then the country where the white-label gambling platform server is placed. It is placed in different countries. There are differences in legal security, so the price will not be the same. The server manufacturer will charge a 24-hour maintenance fee. If you want to build a platform, this fee is not cheap. At this point, the white-label gambling platform companies have completed the integration service, so there is no need to consider these annoying issues such as equipment maintenance, problem handling, equipment renewal, and line equipment procurement.
  2. Technicians: The skills and experience of technicians directly affect the final quality of network products, including future product updates and system modifications and maintenance. All need different technicians and these experienced technicians. It also includes pending security technology that requires 24 hours of life. System maintenance team, 24-hour system maintenance team, TCGAMING white label gambling platform enterprise has 10 years of experience in technical team, strong technical advantages, TCGAMING white label gambling platform will be your best choice
  3. Back-office functions: The back-office of the white-label gambling platform is equivalent to the core key points of the entire gambling platform, from gold coins, lottery time, risk control software, management, player transaction records, flow control, agent rule system, exclusive calculation, sub-item, activity authorization, Access control, even landing data, real-time advertising pages, betting platform customer analysis, and the need to build a betting platform in the background, the time and control spent are very huge. Take TCGAMING's white label gambling platform as an example. After more than ten years of reform and the test of market competition, we have continuously upgraded the back-end functions and have now become the most authoritative white label gaming platform supplier in the global market.
  4. The platform system has stable system support in its own back-end. Once the system collapses, it may be a major loss for online gaming operators. The choice of shutting down is very painful. The emergency situation of the system is very complicated and there is no warning. Power outages and network outages also occur frequently, or encountering hacker attacks and hijacking domain names all affect the stability of the gambling platform system. Take the TCGAMING white label gambling platform as an example :24hour information security and technical maintenance team comes to monitor all possible system problems from time to time to ensure that customer operations are not lost.
  5. Location: The strength of the white label gambling platform company can also be proved by the number of three-party game manufacturers. If the white label gambling platform company does not have certain strength and foundation, it will not be able to access a large number of game types. If you are a personal betting platform built by yourself, it is very troublesome to access a large number of three-party games. The rates and prices usually obtained are not as favorable as white label gambling platforms. Therefore, the white label gambling platform company solved this series of difficulties based on the number and price of games. The problem is that betting platform operators can have a variety of different games from the beginning. Take the TCGAMING white label gambling platform as an example: we are the most professional white label gambling platform in Asia, with a lot of various gambling games. Choosing the TCGAMING white label betting platform will definitely wish you success.
  6. Website template design: In the past, designing a gambling platform required a lot of art manpower and web engineers to complete the beautiful platform homepage. Taking the TCGAMING white label gambling platform as an example, we provide a series of ready-made template skins, as long as the customer chooses a good skin to modify a little The style can be launched immediately. Not only that, the TCG white label gambling platform also provides customized services. TCGAMING's full-time design team customizes unique design solutions for customers to solve the design problem for gambling white label operators.
  7. Payment channel and cash flow: Without the support of Shanghai cash flow, another system and back-end cannot support the operation of the platform. Taking the TCGAMING white label gambling platform as an example, in order to meet a variety of different cash flow payment modes, TCGAMING supports both online and offline A kind of recharge reputation, including LINE, WECHAT payment support
  8. The visibility of white-label gambling platform companies: The most important thing is the reputation of white-label gambling platform companies. The system database, experience and even capital strength of well-known white-label gambling platform companies are the most important reference indicators. From several perspectives Check the popularity and strength of white-label gambling platform companies, for example, whether they participate in large-scale exhibitions every year, such asG2E、PAGE、ICERelated well-known exhibitions, companies that can participate in these exhibitions have a certain scale, capital strength, and interpersonal relationships. In addition, we can also observe whether the company is operating well from the time it was established. After all, popularity requires capital to build. TCGAMING white label gambling platform every year joinG2E、PAGE、ICEFrom nonstop, interested people can learn about our news and exhibition records.

3. There are many types of game play in the gambling industry. According to the different types of games, white label gambling platforms are divided into different types: lottery gambling platform, e-sports gambling platform, chess and card gambling platform, online casino platform, and integrated gambling platform. The specific classification is as follows:

  1. Lottery gambling platforms: Keno Loottery , China Lottery, Thailand Lottery, Vietnam Lottery, Indian Lottery, Taiwan Lottery, etc.
  2. Electronic game gambling platform: E-sports/sports related platforms, such as fruit machines, slot machines, sports, e-sports games.
  3. Live online gambling platform: projects where female anchors/croupiers participate in live online live broadcasts. Such as: baccarat, sieve treasure, turntable, etc.
  4. Poker gambling platform: mainly operating poker games
  5. Comprehensive type of gambling platform: mainly operating comprehensive type of gambling game type platform

And the white label gambling platform provides a mobile web version/Native., According to the customer’s operation method, provide a PC web gambling platform, mobile device RWD web platform.

4. The white label gambling platform provides a variety of platform templates for different types of gambling. The operator can choose different types of templates according to the content of gambling operations, The white label gaming platform backend, integrates player management, marketing management, platform management, visual display and other functions to help operators master the website dynamics

  1. Player management: View player details, fund records, level settings, commission system
  2. Agent management: view agent information, level settings, agent commission system, etc.
  3. Deposit management: audit function, historical query (recording the history of each deposit made by the player), third-party payment (supporting multiple third-party payments, and the player deposits are automatically credited to the account quickly)
  4. Team management: account management (view or edit accounts, freely increase or decrease back-end accounts), department system (back-end department system, manage operation team), permission settings (independently modify permissions to ensure data confidentiality)
  5. Report Center: Report Center (update the report in real time, keep abreast of the winning status), loss report (multi-dimensional display of website operation data), agent report (master agent export data), active report (player active data, convenient for management of preferential activities )
  6. Customized odds limit: Customize the bonus odds, bet limit, and high profit to attract attention.

Conclusion: If a gaming company wants to build a gaming platform on its own, it not only needs to prevent hacker attacks and DDoS attacks at all times, but also bear the risk of freezing the deposit and withdrawal accounts. "An individual wants to operate an online gaming platform smoothly. Foolish people talk about dreams, but the white label gambling platform company has solved these problems." There is no need to have a lot of funds, no need to have a website development team, 24-hour maintenance technicians, and you can quickly build a gambling platform. You can rent a multi-functional online gambling platform with very little money. The price that customers need to pay is monthly maintenance fees, a one-time opening fee, and the most important platform profit margin. There are many white label gambling platforms on the market, proliferation, and low cost. The existence of white-label gambling platforms promotes the proliferation of gambling platforms on the one hand, and reduces the entry opportunities of the gambling industry on the other. If there is no white-label gambling platform industry, the number of online gambling companies facing the Chinese market will be greatly reduced. It can be said that the white label gambling platform is the promoter of this industry.