Live Stream

Analysis of the Live Broadcast

With the development of the Internet and other technologies, the global society has been greatly changed, and webcasting is an emerging form born here. Webcasters use live streaming tools such as the Internet, mobile phones or computers to provide unedited or edited recordings or videos on the webcasting platform, and perform live broadcasts simultaneously. With the rapid development of mobile networks and smart phones, various live video apps have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain, attracting the participation of many investors and gathering many live users. Compared with live TV and other media forms, webcasting not only has rich expressions, but also has a strong sense of participation, interaction, and real-time. It can provide users with a better user experience, which is the essential reason for its rapid development. The direct reasons are technological advancement, entertainment promotion, and the influx of capital.

The live broadcast covers various fields, such as show live broadcast, game live broadcast, entertainment live broadcast and vertical live broadcast. Shows and games are the main content of the earliest live broadcast. With the vigorous development of live broadcast platforms and various cross-industry cooperation, it has become an era in which everything can be broadcast. The rise of webcasting has also led to a new industry, namely live broadcast anchors. The live broadcaster plays a key role in the live broadcast. The real-time interaction between the live broadcaster and the user can bring traffic and click-through rates to the live broadcast platform. Many broadcasters have generated many fans because of the live broadcast platform. The reason that the crowd is the money tide is to let the live broadcast platform create a "shaking inside" mechanism, allowing users to watch the live broadcast while also expressing their love and support for the anchor by giving away various types of virtual treasures. With the emergence of the shaking inside function, It has brought huge revenue to the platform and the anchor.

Webcasting has been in the gaming market for a long time. However, common live broadcasts such as baccarat, sic bo, roulette, etc., through live croupier operations, allow users to feel immersive and participate in online games instead of just betting. With the vigorous development of webcasting, the iGaming market has also undergone new changes in webcasting. In addition to live croupier video, the anchor has also joined the live broadcast market of iGaming. Due to the addition of the anchor, the interaction between live iGaming and users has become higher. The user's interaction with the anchor in the live broadcast also enhances the user's sense of participation in iGaming.

It is even more unlikely that white label iGaming companies will miss such a great opportunity, and they have added various live white label iGaming solutions to allow users to have a more diversified experience. Users can also express their support and love for the anchor through the gift reward function in the live broadcast. TC-Gaming white label iGaming launched TC-Gaming white label iGaming for the live broadcast platform to broadcast various popular events. TC-Gaming Live Broadcasting white label iGaming seamlessly integrates the live broadcast room with the game, allowing users to interact with the anchor without missing any games. TC-Gaming Live white label iGaming provides a variety of room categories and supports family models for all types of users. TC-Gaming Live white label iGaming cooperates with many platform manufacturers, covering many countries and regions such as Asia, Europe, Southeast Asia, and so on. Choose TC-Gaming white label iGaming to help you quickly build a live broadcast platform.