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The new coronavirus (COVID-19) that appeared at the end of 2019 caused a global crisis and caused economic turmoil, but it also severely affected people's daily lives. In response to the epidemic, many countries have adopted measures such as isolation, entry and exit restrictions, and closure of casinos (casinos) to limit the flow of people to avoid cross-infection. Restrictions on going out have also forced changes in the public’s entertainment and, at the same time, increased people’s dependence on the Internet. Although entertainment activities at home have proliferated worldwide, one of the biggest winners is iGaming casinos and sports betting platforms.

iGaming casino hits a new high

Due to factors such as entry and exit control, quarantine measures, and crowd restrictions, physical casinos during the non-COVID-19 epidemic period have suffered an unprecedented cold winter. A large number of gamblers have begun to turn to iGaming casinos, and iGaming sports platforms have also become a magnet for thousands of sports gamblers. The player's goal. More sports gamblers are beginning to appear in iGaming rooms, and iGamingpoker tournaments are being held more frequently. In addition, since many large-scale sports events such as NBA, NFL, and even the Tokyo Olympics have been temporarily suspended, many offline betting enthusiasts have been forced to switch to other iGaming betting projects, such as horse racing, cockfighting, various ball sports, etc.

Under such an increasingly prosperous iGaming situation, the growth of iGaming sports is one of the most impressive. This point can also be verified from the number of sports white label iGaming sites opened on TC-Gaming white label iGaming recently. Because of this wave of benefits, the trend has also led many different industries to invest in sports betting platforms. In particular, sports platforms have expanded like wildfires in the Southeast Asian market. However, it is not easy to create an iGaming sports platform. Because most iGaming companies not only do not have legal protection, they must always prevent hacker attacks and DDoS attacks and extortion, and they must also be responsible for the instability of the system, etc. if they have to wait for everything to be ready before they enter the market. Fast for a year and a half and slow for two or three years, it may not be able to operate stably. In addition to the large amount of funds required for operation, technical strength and product experience are not short-term goals. Many gaming companies have just started. Carefully, feel for experience while doing. Almost all the gaming companies that were able to go online in the early days successfully were made with money.

But the emergence of TC-Gaming Sports white label gambling broke this situation. You don't need a lot of money, you don't need technical personnel for website development and maintenance, and you don't need a third-party platform. Even various types of sports games TC-Gaming Sports white label gambling are ready for you. You can get TC-Gaming Sports white label gambling 's one-stop website construction service for a very small amount of money, from site construction-maintenance-automated event planning tools-all kinds of Payment interface—domain name—server—vulnerability defense—anti-cashing—backstage system, etc., save time and effort for you, and save you time and effort, saving you time and effort, saving you troubles These technical issues. You only need to pay the maintenance fee of the white label gambling company every month. It is not even an exaggeration to say that all current Southeast Asian gaming platforms or sports betting platforms are also made by white label gambling companies. It is no exaggeration to say that white label gambling companies are the top contributors to iGaming.

Facing this wave of the epidemic, coupled with the European Cup in 2021 and the World Cup in 2022, sports betting has been pushed to the forefront. As the saying goes, standing on the vent, pigs will fly. Faced with the different sizes of sports package network systems on the market, how should we choose a good brand and a good white label gambling company?

TC-Gaming White Label Gambling Introduction:

TC-Gaming Group is the most professional lottery, chess and card, sports, Southeast Asia white label gambling and integrated white label gambling platform in Asia. It has a large number of API game interfaces and provides a 24/7 support service team. With 15 years of rich experience in technology, products and operations in the industry, choosing TC-Gaming will surely wish you success.

TC Gaming Group offers the most professional White label iGaming Platform in Asia. TC Gaming Platform offers solutions covering markets including Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. Using our product will give you full access to a rich set of games, industry-leading security and privacy features, fully automated affiliate and marketing functions, and enterprise-class 24/7 service support. We always value our customer's feedback and needs and insist on continuous innovations. With us, you will have the ultimate trustworthy partner for your success.

TC-Gaming Sports White Label Gambling provides access to a variety of sports competition platforms. There are at least thousands of joint sports events for your sports betting fans every week. It is the best platform for your sports players. Powerful functions, easy-to-understand interface, simple operation platform, concise and clear overview of the league to meet the diverse choices of different players.

The lineup includes: there are at least thousands of sports joint events every week, more than 60,000 unique events every month, more than 60 different sports types (such as football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, cycling, etc.), more than 1,000 betting types, 150 football league games

TC-Gaming sports white label gambling service provides a full range of technical guidance and services for new business partners, saving partners the financial burden on the technical level and company construction level. Therefore, to provide customers with a tailor-made sports white label gambling service is our professional strength!