How to choose a white label gambling company?

In the face of many white label gambling companies in the market, it is difficult to distinguish between false and real in the face of advocacy. How to choose a reliable white label gambling company? This article will take you step by step through the methods and truth of

How to choose a white label gambling company? How to distinguish the quality of the white label gambling system? Will the white label gambling company run away? Are all the functions complete? In fact, this issue is also the most concerned issue of most gaming platform operators. There are many white label gambling companies in the market, and all kinds of white label gambling systems in the industry are dazzling. How do you choose a reliable white label gambling company in the age of advertising? Today, the editor will directly teach you the 3 simplest ways to identify the reality of a white label gambling company.

  1. 知名度:

Almost powerful white label gambling companies will participate in several annual large-scale gaming exhibitions, such as iconic industry exhibitions such as G2E/Asia Expo. After all, to get such large-scale exhibition booths itself must have certain industry contacts. Some stalls are not necessarily those of rich people who are willing to give you a seat. More often, they have to be related. To put it bluntly, the face of the owner of the white label gambling company is not broad enough. The second is to invest a lot of money to participate in the exhibition. In combination with one or two points, many small white label gambling companies are basically excluded. Third, it depends on the size of the booth. Usually, the more financially rich and broad-based white label gambling companies are. The larger the exhibition booths won; this is undoubtedly a proof of strength. Take TC-Gaming white label gambling as an example: TC-Gaming white label gambling has not missed any of the various gaming exhibitions GE2/Asia Expo every year. The exhibition seats are also getting bigger and bigger every year. All kinds of exhibition records can be searched online. This can't be faked. Maybe Some people will say, what does participate in an exhibition represent? Imagine... If you want to develop a white label gambling system that has to be able to withstand the burning of money, how much technical cost, time cost, server cost, and the test of the market will be required. I really can't play without a silver bullet. What kind of technology god can the white label gambling company that can't even afford the exhibition money? The server really has to pay for what you pay for, so isn't popularity important?

  1. 行业资历:

老实说关于行业年资这部分大家也都在吹水,动不动10年、15年、甚至上次小编还听到有人喊20年… 这部分也很好证实,查一下官网的域名注册时间便可得知一二,小编在此不敢说这部分百分百准确,但也89不离10可以确定一间包网公司他的大致上成立时间,以天成包网为例:官网的域名注册是在2014年,在当时包网这行业才刚萌芽,不像现在如万家灯火野火燎原这般盛况,况且天成集团在此之前已经有10年之久的博弈系统开发实力。天成集团于2011年开始规划组织成立天成包网公司并且持续扩展团队,于2014年正式上线对外营业,这部分单就以包网行业来说就扎扎实实超过10年技术实力,这还不包含2011年以前的部分。那又会有小伙伴问说,资历深又如何?小编这里告诉你,以一个技术团队来说,最重要的是什么?经验,经验靠什么换来的?踩坑,当你坑踩多了你自然学聪明了,别人还在摸着石头过河的时候天成包网已经在思考如何打造更优化的产品及系统。所以年资不重要吗?

  1. 信誉:

信誉这东西说起来还挺不容易去了解真实面,毕竟咱们博彩业也没有所谓的掏宝评价这种制度一说,但也不是说完全没办法,一样以天成包网为例子,大家不仿到google搜索一下关键字 tc-gaming , 应该会发现天成包网在google上登记明确的真实地址&电话,这部分要验证很简单,打通电话或是联系一下天成的销售,跟他们约办公室面谈一试便知真假。是不是有信誉的包网公司跟有没有公开登记电话地址有毛关联? ?试想.. 一些三流包网公司三天两头换地点,一下窝藏在乡下别墅,一下又躲在民宅伪装,有些甚至连敢公开办公室地址都不敢… 这是为什么大家可以仔细想想,你开间公司规规矩矩的经营,服务周到,实打实卖不吹嘘不作假,有什么好不能公开固定地址?虽然如小编前面所言… 信誉确实好坏说不准,但是套个传统观念,百年老店有在换地址的吗?


In summary, most of the smart friends who combine the above three points can get some inspiration. I don't deny that this industry is really deep. After all, it is an opaque industry. Many white label gambling companies of unknown origin did not know where to buy a set of codes on the black market. Find a few code farmers and art who can write some codes, and then write a few sets of nonsense and exaggerated advertisements to start white label gambling. Career, there are actually quite a few such types of packet network companies. I have heard too many examples of being deceived, so this is also the reason why I am determined to write this article.