Game APIs

Our solution brings together over 200+ leading iGaming providers and 10000+ mobile-friendly and multilingual games with dozens of in-game gamification features. You can obtain our entire portfolio through single API integration. Our unified API integration platform allows operators to improve their casino solution by adding new games and integrating a live casino, sportsbook, banking and payment solutions, a standalone bonus system, and many other products completely fuss-free. Using TC Gaming API integration allows swift emergence in new regulated markets with country-specific gaming content.

TC Gaming provides an unmatched one-stop casino engine aggregated solution that will undoubtedly boost any casino product by offering the ultimate gaming experience to customers.

What’s an API?

API is the general name for interfaces that implement integrations between independent systems. Each system has its own set of such interfaces designed for the interactions with other systems.

Specific Features of Casino APIs

In general, all casino APIs are similar: they implement commands to manage the player’s balance, such as write off a bet, credit a win or obtain the current balance, and also provide own interfaces for calculating free rounds and performing other additional operations.

General Principles of API-Based Integrations

The integration is carried out by implementing all the required interfaces in accordance with the documentation from a given provider. Then, the resulting integration is tested and commissioned. The next step is to monitor how the integration works, such as track the availability of servers, check the system for errors and introduce changes or amendments required to install the updates from the provider or meet the requirements of regulators. It is also necessary to quickly respond to issues caused by local hardware failures and by errors on the provider’s side. Responding to such issues slowly may lead to higher potential losses.

Why Is It Convenient to Obtain All the APIs Through TC Gaming?

Even despite the fact that the general mechanics of the gameplay is similar, certain providers may use their own specific protocols, so that you will need to dive deep into the documentation, negotiate on the available functions and resolve technical issues for each of them. Therefore, it will be much easier for you to integrate with us and maintain a single integration. In this case, there is no need to monitor and maintain the integration with each individual provider. In addition, even the already existing integrations often require adjustments due to the game updates, new game mechanics and constantly changing requirements of various regulators.

200+ Providers & 10000+ Games

Getting hold of a perfect gaming combination and bundle for a specific market is the key to staying afloat in a market as competitive as the iGaming market is. Luckily for you, TC Gaming is on your side. Our portfolio includes a full range of gaming products from slots and RNG-powered and live dealer table casino games to scratchcards, video poker, bingo, keno, and other virtual and speciality games. The game total climbs to over 10000+ thanks to 200+ providers supplying the content. Through our single unified API integration, you will experience virtually zero downtime and seamless integration of world-class games at all times.