White Label Solution

TC Gaming White Label is a cost-effective, comprehensive solution aimed at launching your own casino in the shortest time possible, which inevitably saves time to the market and minimize the risk.

What Is a Turnkey Solution

The fast moving online gaming industry is now a maturity industry after years of rapid growth, with steep competitions everywhere. Cost control, product entry of barrier and time to the market are now key success factors for the online gambling operators. The TCG solution is here to allow the operators to immediately obtain a mature platform and hence save money and time. It consists a large variety of games, payment solutions well integrated, with predefined operating process and marketing functions built-in. The solution provides a one-stop solution for gaming operators at any stage.



We Are Your Helper to Enter the World Wide Market


TCG White Label iGaming solution supports Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Khmer (Cambodian), Korean, Malay, Spanish, Thai and Vietam. To get a site in the countries listed below is just a few clicks away! 













Features Supported in Our iGaming White Label

15 years of industry knowledge

we know your needs.


Fully Automated Promotion Tools

Registry, daily sign-in, deposit bonus, mission, competition, mileage system and many more promotions fully automated with flexible configurations.

Powerful Affiliate Management System

A full set of affiliate system can automatically calculate and pay out your affiliates.

AI Risk Control Monitoring

Get Your Site in 10 Minutes

Get your new shinny gaming website in just 10 minutes.


payment systems’ configuration, withdrawal processing


game management (categorisation, sorting, activation/deactivation)

The trust of 1000+ customers

Success stories speak itself.


possibility to add/block users manually, set up/assign categories, gather user’s information etc

No Deposits Required

Pay online as you go in our back office.

Multi-lingual support

Both websites and back office system. 

Maximum Security Protection

While often overlooked, information security is the most important component of this business. Hackers and other threats can destroy your hard build business in just seconds. TC Gaming takes the matter seriously and is deeply imprinted in our DNA. Adopted from the banking industry, we have covered your information security from the system architecture design, system construction and continuous upgrades, operation, and day-to-day usage & support. Our risk control team, information security experts, and real-time monitoring team are fighting 7x24 to eliminate your internal & external threats. It is a no-ending battle, and we are always here.:


7x24 Dedicated Monitoring


Multi-point Cloud Data


Suspicious Risk Warning


National Security Firewall


SSL Encrypted Certificate


Data Encryption Backup


Anti-DDoS attack

Friendly Localized Interface

A brilliant system needs to come in a nice package. Without great user experience and high-end fashionable designed sites, you will have no players. To continuously deliver masterpieces has been the ultimate goal of the TC Gaming design team. We treat everything and details with our hearts. We consult and hire local designers for our designated markets. All the beautiful designs are products of countless brainstorms. Our slogan is "global thinking, localized design, attention to detail, and listening to the market."

200+ Providers & 10000+ Games

Getting hold of a perfect gaming combination and bundle for a specific market is the key to staying afloat in a market as competitive as the iGaming market is. Luckily for you, TC Gaming is on your side. Our portfolio includes a full range of gaming products from slots and RNG-powered and live dealer table casino games to scratchcards, video poker, bingo, keno, and other virtual and speciality games. The game total climbs to over 10000+ thanks to 200+ providers supplying the content. Through our single unified API integration, you will experience virtually zero downtime and seamless integration of world-class games at all times.

10 Minutes to Start Your Business


Is your team running idle without a solution? With TC Gaming, the wait is over. Your own online casino solution is just 10-minutes away. Contact our sales now to start your business empire now!


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