Advantages packet network

All-channel packet network services

Providing customized network solutions complete package,Build quick and easy steps。Whether it is web client or mobile terminal,You do not need to worry about where to start design and visual version,Until line operators on the site has a professional technical support team。
Lottery System Benefits

The most stable lottery system

The only way to provide a platform compatible with traditional systems and double-sided discs play services,To retain the traditional model also supports Handicap Odds Odds mode。Covering the current market for all kinds of popular color,And has a different mass gameplay allows players to choose。
Comprehensive advantages

Comprehensive counseling program

Apart from the game or related business consulting,Also provide office lease,Internet Service,Apply for a work permit procedures,Game category of service and other consulting services Philippines,To help customers reduce operating and management costs。
Interface Advantage

Quota-free conversion wallet

Currently not just widespread popular support for the concept of multi-purse,Also supports seamless single purse and wallet (purse free transfer)Allows operators to quickly and cost-effectively add new instant casino games and other content suppliers。
Product advantages

Game makers diversification

It has a wide range of game makers (Sports,Lottery ticket,Chess,Reality,electronic,Fishing) for you to choose。Currently it has more than more than 70 well-known game makers,Up to 5000 a variety of games,Full support for PC、HTML5 Mobile and Mobile APP。
Technical advantages

Innovative technology pioneer

Tiancheng Group time pay close attention to market dynamics,Constantly collected from market research and information、analysis、sort out,And innovation and improvement。We provide professional industry recommendations,Opportunity to ensure that our customers always maintain and expand market continued development of the field。

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The most comprehensive network of package program

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