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What is a turnkey solution?

The fast moving online gaming industry is evolved into the maturity phase after years of rapid growth. Cost control, product entry of barrier and time to the market are now key success factors for the online gambling operators. The turnkey solution (white label solution) is here to allow the operators to immediately obtain a mature platform and hence save money and time. An online casino turnkey solution often consists a large variety of games, payment solutions well integrated, with predefined operating process and marketing functions built-in. The solution mainly provides a one-stop service platform related to gambling operations such as website construction, system maintenance, planning activities, payment system, website domain name, website server, system vulnerability protection, and independent front-end and back-end systems.



TC-GAMING is the most professional gaming white label platform system provider in Asia. Formed by a group of top IT experts in the gaming industry, TC-Gaming is committed develop the most feature-rich, flexible and powerful online casino platform solution. Our services include but not limited to markets including Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. The solution was developed with 15 years of the industry experience, with continuous customer focused innovations, and banking level data security mindsets. TC-GAMING turnkey solution empowers our customers to allow them to focus on marketing and business growth.

TC-GAMING White label

Why TC-GAMING turnkey solution?

The TC-GAMING turnkey solution has accumulated 15 years of industry knowledge, and IT research & development. It is stable, reliable, powerful and proven. It is a one stop solution for online gaming operators, with 16 key advantages.

15 years of industry knowledge

we know your needs.

Richest collection of games

more than 10,000 of games offered and over 100 providers, and growing by day.

The trust of 1000+ customers

success stories speak itself.

7x24 hours support 

our team is online at any time to support your business.

Multi-lingual support

both websites and back office system. 

All platforms supported

PC, Mac, iOS, Android and iOS/Android APP are all included. 

“Turn” a “key” in 10 minutes

get your new shinny gaming website in just 10 minutes.


Powerful affiliate system

a full set of affiliate system can automatically calculate and pay out your affiliates.

Automated Promotion Engine


Big data analysis

comprehensive reports, real-time monitoring and alarm system

No deposits required

pay online as you go in our back office.

Tailor made design

create your own exclusive brand

What solutions does TC-GAMING offer?

What TC-Gaming Turnkey solution is offering, is not only an IT solution, but also a service to aid your operation, and a life-time partnership for your business. Our risk team will use our big data to alarm your team on abnormal wins and give extended support on risk analyses. With our premium package, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to assist your team in project management, configuration management, guides and suggestions on how to maximise our system capabilities. Our solution has six sub-product packages based on your customer base.

Online Casino

The most fundamental solution, with UX designed to focus on Live Dealers and Slots. A rich set of well-designed skins to select from, with localised skins for different market needs

彩票包网,超过10年彩票研发经验,业界最齐全彩票游戏,拥有多个地区的的官方时时彩,十一选五、低频彩、PK10、PC 蛋蛋、六合彩、快三等、基诺彩票等, 总共超过100种以上的彩票游戏,直选、单式、混合、趣味、龙虎⽃…等, 即时的开奖结果,查询、走势、分析⼀体化服务,共上千种彩票游戏玩法,绝对满足各类彩票玩家的喜好

Lottery Betting Solution

Lottery betting focused site has its own audience, and demands an affiliate system like no other in many markets. TC-Gaming spent over 10 years in research and development of lottery products, and offers the NO. 1 lottery solution that is tightly coupled with TC Lottery Betting Solution in the selected markets

Live-streaming + Betting Solution

Live-streaming is one of the hottest thing in modern humanities, and also the new darling for online casino traffics. TC Live Streaming solution bundles the live streaming service together with the casino games.

体育包网,天成体育包网提供接入多款体育竞技游戏, 每周至少有上千场的体育联合赛事、每月超过60,000独特赛事、超过60种不同的体育类型 (有如足球,篮球,网球,排球,自行车等等)、超过1,000种投注类型、供玩家专业的体育投注平台,是您体育包网的最佳选择。强大的功能,易懂的界面,简单的操作平台,简明清晰联赛概览以满足不同玩家多样化的选择。

Sports Betting Website

While it is just a subcategory of online casinos, a sports focused online casino does require an unique type of user experience for those seasoned sports players. TC Sports Betting solution is equipped with customized sports betting interface, allowing you to offer your players your own brand of sports betting.

API 游戏接口,天成包网游戏API 将满足您的所有接口管理需求。每个厂商都有自己的技术和对接方式,每次对接都得花上一定的时间去理解与安排。現在,天成包网游戏API已经所有繁杂对接的问题都解决了,您只需要对接天成包网游戏API 一次, 就可以拥有多个游戏厂商,和上千款游戏。您就可以省更多的时间专注于其他业务推广。

Gaming API

Already have your own site? TC-Gaming may still be able to assist you with our TC-Gaming API service. Integrating with hundreds of gaming providers can be a challenging task for your tech team and TC-Gaming makes your task simple, with just one integration to gain our entire API portfolio.

棋牌包网,天成棋牌包网,各类长久不衰热门的棋牌游戏天成包网通通都有,棋牌游戏也是东南亚玩家与国内玩家最为关注的话题之一, 包括自主研发的包网原生app、棋牌原生app、棋牌API,同时接入全球众多知名品牌的游戏产品,随着棋牌游戏的火速崛起,从休闲切换为真金白银的游戏模式,已经是市场不能缺的一部分。

Poker APP Solution

In some market, a lightweight gambling solution focusing on local poker games might be handy. TC Poker solution for selected market may just resolve your needs.

More than 100 partners, 10,000 games

TC-GAMING is working with over 100 game providers to offer over 10,000 games to our customers. The set covers all specialities including Slots, Live Dealers, Lottery, Arcade Games, Pokers, Sports Betting, E-Sport Betting, Cock fighting and many market local specialities games. We pick only those bring profit and market edges to our customers, provide in-depth integration with our partners, and present those games to the players in the best user experience.

pretty gaming包网
sexy gaming包网
ob game 包网
pt gaming包网

TC-Gaming Empowers your team

To maximize your business growth, your team needs to be freed from those endless manual tasks, and focus on marketing and service. TC-Gaming platform offers a complete set of auto promotion tools, affiliate management system, risk analysis tools, and a rich set of pre-configured reports, they empower your team to realize their true potential and therefore your business.


Fully automated promotion tools

With just a few steps of configurations, you will be able to set up fully automated promotions such as registration, daily sign-in, milestones, competitions for your site. The system offers a rich set of promotion tools and controls that is beyond your imaginations, and from issuing, claiming, customer notification, to turnover controls are all automated without the need of any human involvements.

AI risk control monitoring

For more than 15 years, the tech team of the TC-GAMING has been committed to the research and development of early risk warning system. Build on big data, you can use the TC-GAMING intelligent risk control monitoring system to reduce the traditional risk control work that requires a lot of manpower and tedious monitoring and tracking work.


Affiliate management system

Managing affiliates and their complicated commission policies can be a pain, but not with our system. Our unlimited level of affiliate system comes with a flexible set of commission setting and auto-calculation tools. No matter it is rebates, dividends, salary, MLM, credit or cash affiliates, you can manage them without any stress with TC platform.



TC-Gaming platform offers reports cover all angles for your team, including but not limited, day-to-day operations, in-depth marketing analyses, affiliate analyses, operation efficiency, financial reconciliations, and corporate P&L for bosses. We know your team needs.

Maximum information security

Information security is the most important component of this business while often been overlocked. Hackers and other threats can destroy your hard build business in just seconds. TC-Gaming not only take the matter seriously, but it is deeply imprinted in our DNA. Adopted from banking industry, we have covered your information security from the system architecture design, system construction and continuous upgrades, operation, and day-to-day usage & support. Our risk control team, information security experts and real-time monitoring team are fighting 24x7 to eliminate your internal & external threats. It is a no ending battle and we are always here....


7x24 security team monitoring


Multipoint cloud data


Suspicious risk warning


National security level network firewal


SSL encrypted certificate


Data encryption backup


Defend against DDoS attacks

Friendly localized interface

A brilliant system needs to come in a nice package. Without great user experience and high-end fashionable designed sites, you will have no players. To continuously deliver masterpices has been the ultimate goal of the TC-GAMING design team. We treat everything and details with our heart, we consult and hire local designers for our designated markets. All the beautiful designs are products of countless brainstorms. Our slogan is "global thinking, localized design, attention on details, and listen to the market".

Customized service

Want to create your own brand characteristics? Want to create a unique platform? If you have such a need, then the TC-GAMING white-label customized solution is definitely your first choice. The TC-GAMING white-label customized solution is for different markets. Need to hire the country’s most experienced local designers to work together to present different styles, diversified designs, and tailor-made to create a template that is most favored by local users

10 minutes to Start Your Business

Is your team running idle without a solution? With TC-Gaming, the wait is over. Your own online casino solution is just 10-minutes away. Contact our sales now to start your business empire now!


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