Frequently asked questions. Things you might need to know before you use TC-Gaming White Label iGaming Solution.

Q:How does a white label igaming olution charge?

A:The charges usually include setup fee, maintenance fees and the game revenue charges. Many solution companies have a lot of hidden charges and requesting a hefty deposit. TC-Gaming White Label solution offers pay as you go. Contact us now:https://t.me/TCGamingBD

Q:TC-GAMING's white label igaming platform back-end system be difficult to learn?

A: After 15 years of market tests, as well as countless optimizations and updates, the TC-GAMING white label igaming platform company's back-end user experience and operation logic are very intuitive and powerful, not only easy to operate, but also more powerful. What is important is the powerful automation tools you need for your operations, such as: tools for organizing marketing activities, operational reports, agent management systems, intelligent risk control monitoring, etc., through the automation tools on the back end of the white label igaming platform, the manual operation is greatly reduced Statistical activity costs and results can be set up in minutes to automate repetitive tasks, saving repetitive work time and allowing people to focus on other important tasks.

Q: What do I need to prepare to operate an online game platform?

A: The biggest advantage of TC-GAMING white label igaming platform is to save labor costs for you and maximize your labor to the most important work content. In the content of the one-stop service of TC-GAMING white label igaming platform, you only need to prepare customer service and sales manpower. You don't need to consider various complex technical issues, and you don't need to worry about the design and art, let alone spend time to answer Enter all kinds of different game products, all of which will be planned and arranged by TC-GAMING white label igaming platform for you. You only need three steps to complete the construction of an online igaming platform: pay, choose the website skin style, wait for 10 minutes, and your platform can be launched.

Q: How to choose a white label igaming platform company?

A: There are many white-label igaming platform companies on the market, and all kinds of white-label igaming platform systems in the industry are dazzling. How to choose a powerful white-label igaming platform company in the era of exaggerated and false advertising? TC-GAMING white label igaming company here provides several directions for your reference. First of all, it is evaluated from the three points of white label igaming company: popularity, industry qualifications, and reputation. Whether TC-GAMING white label igaming company is Popularity, industry qualifications, and reputation are all real and can be easily verified from the Internet. TC-GAMING has more than 1000+ customers so far, and has more than 15 years of industry experience. The industry reputation can be searched through google. Every year Macau G2E And other major game exhibition exhibition materials. For more detailed analysis, please refer to this "How to choose a white label igaming platform company":https://tcgaming.vip/portfolio/20220916/ 

Q:How long does it take TC-GAMING to build my online igaming platform?

A:It only takes10minutes from your payment to the platform launch, you can quickly start your business without waiting.

TC-GAMING's online igaming platform stable?

A:TC-GAMING white label igaming platform has been updated and upgraded for 15 years, and has been continuously adjusted and maintained by a senior technical team for more than 20 years. It is very perfect in terms of platform performance, risk control security, data backup, system stability, and functions. And stable, and more importantly, the market trust and reputation created in the past 15 years, this is the core concept of TC-GAMING white label igaming company, we promise customers to entrust us, continue to innovate, to achieve customer needs, players If necessary, to develop towards diversified online gaming entertainment services, choosing TC-GAMING will definitely wish you success.

Q:How to start a gaming business?

The most convenient way is to choose the white label gaming platform system, which not only saves you from the trouble of developing the gaming platform yourself, but also does not need to bear a lot of hardware and labor costs, and the TC Gaming white label platform has a variety of skin templates, and also provides customized Service design belongs to the style of self-branding. No matter the market you want to operate in is China, Southeast Asia, Europe, or the global market, we have rich market experience to help you achieve success faster.

Q:How much human resources are required to operate online gaming?

If you choose the TC Gaming white label platform, the common manpower configuration mainly includes six departments: finance, administration, customer service, marketing, and promotion. Since the white label platform does not require a huge technical manpower, you can upgrade Effectively allocate manpower to more important positions, without worrying about technology and safety issues, it only takes 10 minutes to start your business.