Card Games

The Chinese games market is growing faster than ever, Card Games become one of the most popular genres in the competitive industry.


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A variety of popular Card Games in Chinse market.


The most popular, casual and challenging card game. "Bull Bull" is commonly known as Fei Dou, a folk multiplayer card game. According to the rules, players use 5 cards in their hands to take 3 fights to compare wins and losses. Easy to use, exciting and fun!

Fight the Landlord

It is listed as the three pillars of Chinese folk entertainment because its mass base is second only to Mahjong. In the world of the Internet, Fight the Landlord's popularity has clearly surpassed Mahjong, becoming the world's most online game with the most players.

Hong Kong 5PK

Also known as five cards, straight flush. The game is simple and intense. It contains both luck and game skills. To play this game requires good memory, comprehensive judgment and calm analysis. It is a healthy and casual puzzle game that exercises thinking.

Funny Bull-Bull

Because there are many online players, the gameplay is simple, and the wit and courage are fighting, it has won the love of many players. In an instant, you can experience endless fun. In addition to the original local bullfighting gameplay, happy bullfighting is divided into: watch cards to grab bankers, random dealers, and world wars.

Couple Fight the Landlord

Like the ordinary landlord, the two people who need the landlord must firmly remember the cards played by the landlord, and at the same time remember the cards played by the other party, calculate the cards in the hands of the landlord, and then choose their own cards. The test of the two-person landlord is the effect of collaboration between two people.

13 Shui

Also called Thirteen Zhang or Thirteen Dao. At present, the main process is in Fuzhou. For now, because the rules of 13 Shui are rich and diversified, more than half of the people who entertain with 13 Shui rules are popular in southern China.

Tong Bi Bull-Bull

Tong Bi Bull-Bull belongs to the puzzle category, which is a simple betting poker game that can be played by multiple people at the same time. Players who meet the conditions of playing the bank can sit on the bank, and the player compares the card size with the banker to determine the winner. It is a card battle game with extremely fast game speed and mental arithmetic!

Texas Hold'em

Join the exciting, challenging and successful world of Texas Hold'em and prove that you are a true winner. Bluff and increase your bets, improve your poker skills, and accumulate experience until you become the best player in history!

Win 3 Card

Also called three cards, a folk card game. It has unique rules for comparing cards. Players win or lose with three cards in their hands. It is a folk multiplayer card game that is widely circulated throughout the country. The player's courage and wisdom need to be tested during the game.

Texas Bull-Bull

Adopting the best rules of the game, with "strategy" as the core gameplay, using Texas Hold'em multi-round card, multi-round betting, limit or ALL-IN original game mode, making the game process more fun, more fun, and more fun. Stimulating and more educational.


World-class classic entertainment gameplay, by judging and calculating the winning rate to place bets and win bonuses. If you choose the right winner and place a bet before the card is opened, you can get a generous bonus. A super high winning rate of 50%, allowing you to play cool and earn money!

Two-Eight Bar

Also known as Crazy Nine Card, it is a game developed by using single-color bobbin tiles in the traditional Chinese game Mahjong, plus 4 whiteboard tiles. The two-eight bars are simple and easy to understand, mainly for comparing the size of the cards between the dealer and the players.