TC Lotto

TC Lotto leverages blockchain technology to ensure our lotto results are fair and genuinely.
We are a self-developed complete lottery product and agent management system.
The risk management system and multiple game play methods allow you have a niche in the market.

TC Live – Live Streaming Lottery

TC Live is a real-time live streaming lottery platform new launched since December 2017. Our lottery drawing machines and equipment are esthetic, reliable, sturdy and guaranteed attractive to satisfy all our players. Our diverse and experienced team are committed to deliver the best quality and service across all over the world.

Diversity of Game Types in China Market

Enjoy betting at home with our variety of lottery choices legally in different province of China

Create Your Own Brands

Start your own online lottery brand with the most advanced lottery platform to enter the lucrative world of online and mobile lottery gaming.

Video Lottery

The results of the lottery are played in real time through the video, and you can even interact with the beauty anchor. High frequency of lottery draws, high winning rate, rich gameplay, easy betting and a lottery process with an accuracy of up to 99.9%.

Eleven Pick Five

It’s also called Eleventh Winning or Lotto Lottery. You can choose 1-8 of 11 number to bet. 5 number are drawn in each period as the winning numbers. The betting method is flexible and draw frequency is high, which fully meet the betting needs of different lottery players.

PC Egg

The sum of three numbers randomly selected among the winning results, a total of 28 results. The rules of this game are simple but endless changes. Getting started is easy, but mastering is not easy. Bets can be big or small, and odds can be big or small. The frequency of draws of the game is high, the odds are large, and it is fascinating.

Time Colorado Lottery

It has the characteristics of simple gameplay, high winning rate, fast draw, instant redemption, odds set prizes, fixed bonuses, etc.!

Quicky 3

From 1 to 6, a total of 6 numbers, any combination of 3 numbers is selected as a lottery betting game, also can bought the sum of 3 numbers. Regardless of single choice, multiple choice or general choice, each bet amount is the same, which is also the biggest highlight of the "Quick Three" game.

Sports Lottery

It can also be called a sports lottery. Such as football lottery, baseball lottery, horse racing lottery, etc.; the broad sense of sports lottery refers to all kinds of lottery related to sports for the purpose of issuing lottery.

10 PK

High-frequency lottery tickets are arranged in racing theme. There are 13 kinds of permutation game play methods. There are 10 cars in the competition. Guess the 10 places in each competition. Guess the 0-10 places to get the corresponding bonus.

Mark Six

Mark Six is the only legal lottery in Hong Kong. With its fun, public welfare, low investment, and easy operation, it has attracted hundreds of citizens to participate.

Lucky Farm

Also known as Happy Very, it is a new quick lottery game. It adopts a more casual and entertaining form of expression, which not only retains the characteristics of a ten-minute opening draw and easier winning, but also has a strong entertainment atmosphere, making lottery purchases easier and more leisurely.