TC-GAMING White label

We strive to bring technology solution to meet your business aspects. Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value!

Our Services:

  • TC Lotto White Label Solutions
  • TC Card Games White Label Solutions
  • TC Turnkey Solutions
  • API Integration Services
  • CDN Internet Services
  • BPO and Business Advisor


A full range of technical support and most comprehensive white labeling platform solutions.


Comprehensive Integration Solutions

We provide a fully featured solution, allows you to save time and money by acquiring the complete online gaming infrastructure all at once.

Industry Consultation

We provide business management consultation in the interest of flexibility, cost-effectiveness and most importantly, maximum levels of efficiency in business needs!

Agent's First Complete System

Covers all of the agent system including daily salary, dividends, rebate, commissions and other policies to fit your business model.

System Stability

A powerful convenient back-end management system allows integration among player's management system, games management, operation management, statistics report, business analysis, content management, system setting and other models tailored for your business needs.

Risk Management

With years of experience in the gaming industry, our risk management focuses on mitigating risk without jeopardizing your target rate of profit.

Gaming API

TC Gaming welcomes corporate and entrepreneur organization approaches and needs.

Unparalleled mobile experience with full support for PC version, HTML5 mobile version and APP mobile version.

One Time Integration

You can be up and running in no time. Our quick integration process means minimum delays introducing your product to the market.

Powerful Back-end System

Included in the platform are a wide rage of reporting and analysis tools that enable you to instantly react to trends and increase your player engagement, activity, value and of course, your profitability.

Payment Gateway

Offer your players flexible payment options without multiple agreements with multiple payment services.

24/7 Post Supports Services

A dedicated 24/7 professional support team to resolve all your problem and needs. New games can be added from our partner vendors without going through integration process within minutes.

BPO and Business Advisor

The most comprehensive business solution focuses on developing customer global business.

  • Customer Services Outsourcing
  • CDN Internet Networks
  • Offices Leasing
  • Working Visa Services and Processes
  • Philippines Gaming Business Advisor