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The Vietnamese lottery (vé số) has been developed for decades. The Vietnamese lottery can be said to be very popular with locals. It can not only be seen in tourist places, but can be seen almost in the streets and alleys from urban areas to the countryside in Vietnam. The Vietnamese lottery is the first pastime for Vietnamese people. The development history of the Vietnamese lottery is also very long, and it generates trillions of Vietnamese dong in revenue for the Vietnamese government every year. Like my country, the Vietnamese lottery is also issued by a state-owned lottery company, which is the so-called official lottery game. Since it is run by the government, it can be sold legally. However, unlike the Chinese lottery, the gameplay and bonus rules of the Vietnamese lottery are very complex and diverse. In Vietnam, through monthly statistical results from Google's keyword search engine, there are more than 50 million queries with keyword phrases related to the lottery industry. The Vietnamese lottery started with 1,000 VND per ticket more than 10 years ago. Nowadays, one ticket costs 10,000 VND, which shows that the Vietnamese lottery market is really very hot. Next, I, the editor of TC-Gaming, will list them one by one for you.

As COVID-19 spreads across the world, Vietnam has also been affected. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc of Vietnam agreed with the Ministry of Finance’s recommendation to stop the issuance of lottery tickets for 15 days from April 1, 2020. Stopping the issuance of lottery tickets is equivalent to depriving the bottom of Vietnamese people of their livelihood. It was suspended for nearly a month and was not re-approved to start selling until April 29.


Vietnam’s 4 major traditional lotteries


1. Traditional lottery

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Friends who have been to Vietnam or ask a Vietnamese person what type of lottery is their favorite, almost 90% of them will tell you that of course it is "traditional lottery"! On the one hand, it is the history of the traditional lottery in Vietnam, and on the other hand, the winning amount is as high as 2 billion Vietnamese dong. Lottery dealers and lottery sellers can be seen in the local streets and alleys of Vietnam. Here we will briefly introduce the history of Vietnam’s traditional lottery:

Vietnam's traditional lottery is the first Vietnamese lottery that was launched in Hanoi, Vietnam nearly 50 years ago (about 1962). Its other name is called "Tectonic Lottery" or "Construction Lottery". It is still owned by Vietnam. The most popular traditional lottery. Why is there the word construction? Mainly because part of the profits from lottery sales will be used into state funds to take care of public welfare and develop infrastructure "construction", also known as construction lottery.

The way to play the traditional Vietnamese lottery is also very simple, that is, you must buy a printed lottery ticket with a 6-digit number. When the 6-digit number on the purchased ticket matches 2 to 6 numbers in the lottery results, it means winning. The awards are divided into 8 categories. Currently, traditional lottery tickets are sold in three regions, and each region has provincial/municipal rotating draws every day:

Northern Lottery Xổ Số Miền Bắc:
There are 6 lottery radio stations, 3 radio stations rotate every day to draw 27 combinations of numbers, and the lottery will be drawn at 6 p.m.

Central Lottery Xổ Số Miền Trung:
There are 14 lottery radio stations, and 2 radio stations will draw 18 combinations of numbers every day, and the lottery will be drawn at 5:15 p.m.

Southern Lottery Xổ Số Miền Nam:
There are 21 lottery radio stations, and 2 radio stations will draw 18 combinations of numbers every day, and the prize will be drawn at 6:10 pm.

Here I would like to add some additional explanations:
In the north, central and south of Vietnam, Vietnam Lottery has lottery tickets for each province. Therefore, if you are in the southern region of Vietnam, you cannot buy lottery tickets for the central and northern parts of Vietnam. For example: there are 21 provinces and municipalities for the southern lottery. Issued separately by municipalities, including Kiên Giang, Lâm Đồng, Tiền Giang, Cà Mau, Đồng Tháp, Hồ Chí Minh, Ho Chi Minh City, Bạc Liêu, Bến Tre Ben Tre, Vũng Tàu Vung Tau, Cần ThơCan Tho, Đồng Nai, Sóc Trăng Soc Trang, An Giang, Bình Thuận Binh Thuan, Tây Ninh Xining, Bình Dương Binh Duong, Trà Vinh Tra Vinh, Vĩnh Long Vinh Long, Bình Phướ c Binh Phuoc, Hậu Giang Hau Giang, Long An." Among the seven days of a week, three provinces (cities) issue lottery tickets every day. The three provinces that issue lottery tickets on Friday are Binh Duong, Tra Vinh, and Vinh Long. The face value of one lottery ticket is VND 10,000. As mentioned before, if you win, you have a chance to receive a special prize of 2 billion.


2. Lotto-type lottery tickets


This is a lotto lottery issued since 1994. You can choose the numbers completely freely, and there are many types of combinations. It is also a relatively international type of lottery gameplay.

Lotto optional 2-digit and 3-digit numbers
The player selects 2 or 3 numbers and then writes a ticket which is sent back to the agent to show participation, with the jackpot prize being worth 70 times the value of the ticket you purchased.

Lotto choice number pairs
You can randomly select 2 to 4 pairs of numbers to play. After selecting the numbers, compare them with the results of the traditional lottery of the day. If the numbers you pick match the last 2 to 4 pairs of numbers in a traditional lottery, you win.

Lotto Choice 6×36
Choose a set of 6 pairs of numbers and compare them with the results of the traditional lottery of the day. The maximum prize is VND 2 billion. If no one wins, the prize will be moved to the first prize of the next period until someone wins. (The jackpot limit is VND 5 billion).


3. Instant lottery tickets

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This is a lottery that allows ticket buyers to know the results immediately, that is, through an intercom in front of the store. The lottery tickets are carefully packaged and sealed, and usually most Vietnamese randomly select a bundle of lottery tickets, tear them open after purchase and compare them with the lottery results immediately to know immediately whether they have won the prize. Of course, the results must be witnessed in front of lottery company executives.


4. Digital lottery


Type 123 lottery ticket
The method of playing this type of lottery is a bit complicated. You must randomly select three sets of numbers to win:

Group 1: Choose a number from 0 to 9
Group 2: Choose a pair of numbers from 00 to 99
The third group: choose three numbers from 000 to 999
The bonus depends on the number group drawn corresponding to your number group, and the maximum amount that can be received is equivalent to 400,000 times the purchase amount.

6×36 type lottery ticket
The gameplay is interesting. You must choose a sequence of 6 pairs of numbers, ranging from 01 to 36 (up to 5 sequences). If there are 4 to 6 winning numbers in the lottery, you will get a bonus.

4-digit lucky lottery ticket
You randomly select 4 numbers on the ticket vending machine, and if the selected numbers match all the results of the lottery, the amount will be 1220 times what you spent on the purchase.


American lottery Vietlott


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In recent years, another brand-new lottery game has emerged in Vietnam, which is a type of lottery that can be purchased at betting stations. The rise is mainly driven by the Vietnamese lottery company Vietlott. It can be said that it has changed the Vietnamese lottery market and has gradually become a new lottery game. The choice of a generation of Vietnamese people to buy lottery tickets, Vietlott is a national lottery company directly operated by the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam. It was approved and established on December 5, 2011. The state holds 100% of the shares and is also the so-called official lottery. It was officially put into operation on July 18, 2016. It has two forms: number arrangement type (3D thousand-word ticket, 4D 1000-word ticket) and number combination type (Mark Six lottery type), and launched betting services in Ho Chi Minh City for the first time. Up to now, Vietlott has been launched in many other cities such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Halong (Quang Ninh) and so on. Currently Vietlott has 5 lottery games:

1. MEGA 6/45

Players choose 6 pairs of numbers from 1 to 45. There are no special numbers. The lottery draws are every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The special prize is at least 12 billion VND. Lottery players can purchase multiple draws at one time, but there is a purchase limit of up to 6 draws. MEGA 6/45 is only divided into 4 prizes. The first prize is 6 numbers and the bonus is at least 12 billion VND. The first prize is 5 numbers and the bonus is fixed at 10 million VND. The second prize is 4 numbers and the bonus is at least 12 billion VND. The fixed prize is 300,000 VND. If the third prize contains 3 numbers, the bonus is fixed at 300,000 VND.

2.POWER 6/55

It is similar to the MEGA 6/45 betting method, but the Power 6/55 numbers have more choices and more diverse permutations and combinations, so the probability of winning is lower, and because of this, its pot bonuses are often more attractive.

3. MAX 3D

Players randomly select a three-digit sequence from 000 to 999, and a random number generator is used to determine the result in each period. The gameplay is the same as the "3D Thousand Word Ticket" in the Xingma area, and the lottery is drawn every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Five, KENO

Randomly select 10 numbers from 01 to 80 (you can select less than 10 numbers, but not more than 10). The results of each issue will draw 20 numbers from 1 to 80. If the number you choose appears in the result, you will win. The bonus depends on how many numbers you win. The highest grand prize for this type of game can be as high as 20 billion VND. KENO is divided into three types of gameplay: basic, large and small, and odd-even. The gameplay is similar to the international Keno lottery of my country's welfare lottery and sports lottery. It is also a very easy to get started lottery game.


At present, in response to the continuous expansion of our government's crackdown on private lottery policies, Vietnam will become the next new continent for iGaming players. Now is the best time to enter the Vietnamese market. Currently, TC-Gaming has the most comprehensive Vietnamese lottery Games, all the Vietnamese lottery games introduced by the editor above are all included in TC-Gaming’s Southeast Asia white label iGaming plan. New friends who don’t know enough about TC-Gaming can also refer to our TC-Gaming Asia White Label iGaming. As the industry's most experienced and trustworthy white label iGaming company and combined with TC-Gaming's big data results, the editor is here to tell you responsibly. The Vietnamese market is really hot. If you are interested, please contact us immediately!